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Why to own a piece of Art? Meaning, attachment, heritage, personality, and lifestyle

Obtaining artworks is a powerful way to express one’s personality.

Owning a work of art means both owning a piece of history and being part of a story. Many collectors draw on their heritage to collect art from artists with similar backgrounds or patterns of life. Some collectors seek limited editions from high-profile artists to claim their stake on art history, and to assert their lifestyle to themselves and to their social surroundings.

Art collectors understand the unmatched feeling of discovering a new work of art for their collection. After carefully researching, nothing compares to finally encountering new artworks for their collection.


About Marcelo Amorim's Work

Marcelo Amorim's work can be seen as a revisiting and an 'acclimatisation' of the work of Gerard Richter, one of the established great masters of Modernism - and thus a Brazilian version of the strand of 'remodernism' with which globalised artists are updating the archive of 20th century art history.


Obtaining artworks is a powerful way to express one’s personality. While some collectors stick with a certain style or specific artist, others collect a diverse range of artwork from various artists to convey different sides of their personality, views and values.

Knowing the background behind each work of art in a collector’s collection is half the fun. When guests come over, art collectors take pride in walking them through the story behind each of their pieces. Whether it’s talking about the symbolism in the artwork, the artist’s background or how they found the art itself, collectors love sharing their heart and passion with others.

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