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Our First Metaverse Art Exhibition 


Curated by Kalinca Costa Söderlund  & Marcelo Amorim

An engaged and engaging art narrative.


With his work, Brazilian artist Marcelo Amorim challenges Power structures construed in Western societies so to shape the domineering White man.  Amorim's work does so by building a poignant analysis and extensive visual report on the mechanisms of perpetuation of the hegemonic figure in the Western world.


Soon Live With New Virtual Exhibitions

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We are a Metaverse Art Gallery which believes in a new future for the Art World in the Post-Digital Era.

We push the boundaries of Contemporary Art by curating VR exhibitions with art works by exceptional talents who are socially, ethically, and politically committed to the making of a more equal, sustainable and fair World.

Our Programme of Virtual Reality Exhibitions explores the most current and pressing matters in a globalised human hub.

We are for Art Collectors interested in technology, social equality, ecology, scientific development, and alternative perspectives which
improve the prospects of Planet Earth.

In recent years, there has been a democratisation of the collecting world, and a trend against the remoteness of the ‘white cube’ and its sense of snobbism and exclusivity. We support and promote this process, as the collector’s space has expanded to a younger, more engaged and aware audience.

For us, Art in the Metaverse, and online sales, are tools for the democratisation of visual culture and the most effective and far-reaching way to connect collectors with artists.

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