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No matter if it is online or offline, our distinctive trait is to provide exceptional connoisseurship across art media and the latest cutting-edge trends within the emerging and mid-career international artistic scenario. 

Our connoisseurship has been honed through a world-class art historical research background, extensive publishing and relentless travel to discover fresh, relevant and original art practices. 

Our approach to collectors is inquisitive, proactive, personal, and tailored; aiming at offering artistic matches which are truly visionary whilst reflecting the collector's ambitions and soul.

Talent cannot simply be discovered and put on the market. There is an ethical responsibility for those who scout and collect. Talent must be nurtured, oriented and supported in many ways.

We help true potential to embark upon the artistic journey as a fulfilling and rewarding career. From providing critical framework and appraisals, to facilitating artist visibility at public venues through our curated Metaverse exhibitions,
and obtaining 

We belive that the digitalisation of the Art Market  helps young and mid-career artists to navigate a globalised art world,  to get new opportunities, and to find those patrons and supporters that will help them to secure
a well-deserved spot in the broader art system. 


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