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Our art advisory is based on over a decade
of extensive academic research resulting 

in peer reviewed articles
in prestigious academic journals. 

We have published and presented research internationally at conferences and symposia in the USA, China, Europe and
South America. 

Our focus has been Modernism in Brazil, Paris and New York, with emphasis on artists and art movement migration, and the development of the international museum and art system. 


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Our world-class academic credentials and knowledge of aspects of art historical production along the 20th Century trajectory also allows us to scout, advise and conceptually support emerging talents.

We offer informed and empowering critical appraisals and conceptual contextualisation of artistic practices that both define and promote works of arts and theyr makers.


This connoisseurship is reflected in our advisory style to collectors, which oozes acumen, deep insights 
and an eye for contemporary art in relation to the broader history of art and to its most relevant and influential players. 


We transform our words into artistic success.
We transform our ideas into art collection narratives.