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About Contemporary Art Collectors in Terms of Generations: How do Millennials and Gen-Z Behave ?

Millennials and Gen Z intensely use computers, mobile devices and social media for sourcing and purchasing art, dismissing the need of experiencing the work of art in person before buying it, particularly in the case of less expensive work.

Millennials are now the fastest-growing constituency of collectors, and at the top end of the market, they buy more art and spend more on it than any other demographic. And millennials’ consumption of artworks nearly doubles that of Gen X and is close to four times that of Boomers.

Truly engaging millennial collectors require galleries to rethink ideas of transparency, flexibility, diversity, and to drop old fashioned art formats such as the white cube exhibition style, with its snobbish and exclusivist formats of Private Views fuelled by canapes and champagne. At Arriere-Garde we want to contribute to this revolution, and we are looking for radical ways to embrace the new generations of art lovers and their desire for change in the geriatric art system. Let’s revolutionise it together!

Gen-Z is increasingly becoming not only interested in art but also turning into active art collectors. Gen-Z consumers are more likely to be motivated by how the brands they purchase relate to their personal identity and community, as well as causes they care about. And they transfer this pattern to their art purchasing activity.


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From 29th April to 13th May 2022, Arriere-Garde has held a series of online interviews with cutting-edge contemporary Brazilian artists at the CEB, University of Salamanca, Spain.

Art historian and critic Kalinca Costa Söderlund, the Founder of Arriere-Garde, has delved into the artistic research and production of 3 artists whose work belongs to Arriere-Garde's roster: Marcelo Amorim, David Magila and Juliana Freire.

The series kicked off on Friday, 29th April with an interview with David Magila, a São Paulo-based artist with decades of research and production based on Brazilian architecture and its complexities.

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Gen-Z stands out particularly for the fact that they feel the need of relating to the artists they buy art from, and people who belong to this generation intentionally support artists as they support their own friends.

Young art collectors tend to despise the old-fashioned side of the art market, and its insistence on formal live events, pretentious Private Views, exclusivist mentality and exclusionary stance toward those who are not obviously wealthy. They like price transparency, immediacy, and truly enjoy collecting by acquiring work by browsing online and through a few taps on the screen.

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