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We understand the mind of a collector and we have a mission.

Our mission to collectors is to offer a consultancy service based on a high level of connoisseurship of the art world and of art history. Tap into our international art portfolio through our dedicated advice both before and after acquiring work from our Online Salesrooms.

We offer deep insights into Latin American and international art, awareness of the latest market trends, and the hunting instinct of an Art Historian with a prestigious Fine Art background.

Our passion is at the disposal of your collection. Our sensitivity and discernment at the service of your vision of an art collection that fully reflects you. 

Subscribe to get ‘Start Collecting: The Smart Guide’ and learn how to start or expand your art collection in the Era of the Digital Revolution.

The art world is changing. Grow your knowledge through  a beginner’s manual for young and new collectors in the Post-Digital Era. In this guide, we share the fundamental and essential tips on what, why, and how to collect in a contemporary art world which is undergoing a modernisation process that allows it to look like a much less intimidating and daunting space. Fill up the form below and we will email you a copy of the FREE GUIDE!

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What has contributed to make of art collecting a quicker, easier and less pricey process is the
digitisation of the art industry. Art lovers and young collectors now have access to wide ranging
advisors and artists from the comfort of their own home. With the chance to connect with artworks,
artists, and everything in between, collecting art has never been so easy.
Learn the fundamentals of a smart art collection by benefiting from the expertise of a Metaverse Art
Gallery which believes in a new future for the Art World. We push the boundaries of Contemporary
Art by curating VR exhibitions with art works by exceptional talents, and want to help you with the
challenges and wonders of the collecting journeys.
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