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The Digital in Art: A New Viral Trend Worldwide?

Digital art is now a global leading art trend and is present on myriad screens around the world.

3D art and artificial intelligence (AI) based art are on an upward trend as technology enables artists to expand their horizons. The digitalisation of the art world means that artists and collectors are using computers and smart phones to create and buy art, and this phenomenon in return requires tech geeks to push the boundaries of innovation and to generate new tools to be used by artists to produce work and by collectors as online platforms where to buy art!

Digital art is now a global leading art trend and is present on myriad screens around the world. Science, Technology, and Art are blending within this domain to drive innovation, such as AI-based algorithms that allow us to contemplate the beauty of new pieces of Digital Art.  We have been seeing a great expansion in the artworld in this direction, and platforms such as, Decentraland and New Art City are proliferating with interesting art and increasingly offering exhibitions in the virtual world.

It is therefore natural that also museums and galleries are adopting technology to create digital exhibitions and usher in a new interpretation of what it means to ‘showcase’ art. Here are some shows we advise you to see or look up in the press to understand better:

United Visions

from 26 July at the New Apple Store in Brompton Road, London

Here you can see how Apple teamed with the prestigious Getty Museum to recreate William Blake’s terrifying visions in augmented reality: a MUST-SEE SHOW where one can understand what kind of pathway the exhibition world is taking as big art institutions and mega tech companies join forces to disrupt old notions of the art world!  

You can also admire how the monstruous nightmarish figures in William Blake’s ‘The Ghost of a Flea’ (1819) can come to life through three-dimensional recreations that stand at about 3 metres tall around you! …unmissable really….!!  

Mexican Geniuses: A Frida and Diego Immersive Experience

From 28 May 2022 at Dock X London, Retail Park, Unit 1 Canada Water, Surrey Quays Rd, London, SE16 2XU

One of London’s most hotly anticipated exhibitions of the year, the show is bringing to life the work of Mexico’s most famed painters, Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, in an explosion of colour and brushstrokes across giant screens. A VR experience will also be available, transporting visitors to the Mexican streets that inspired many of Frida and Diego’s paintings.  

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience

Until 25 September 2022, 106 Commercial Street, E1 6LZ, London 

This incredible immersive installation is dedicated to Vincent Van Gogh, and here you can literally ‘step into his paintings’! Of course, you cannot step into a canvas by this great Master, but for sure you will be experiencing Van Goth’s art and get a sense of the new significations given to the art experience and to what a work of art can actually be.  

Treat yourself to this all-encompassing, 360-degree display of the Dutchman’s work – which takes over all your surroundings with the use of several dozen projectors and hyper-realistic VR headsets.  

AI art right now it is not only a trend that has gone viral among the youngest generations of artists, but it is also supported by visionary art and academic institutions which understand that the future of art production and of the art system lives in the digital and virtual space.

An example of this is the AI INNOVATIONS SUMMIT 2022, which has announced a special award for young AI enthusiasts who create visual arts using AI technologies. Its organisers claim that ‘In the modern era of rapid digitalisation of life, there is a natural, parallel evolution of art leveraging new technologies and expanding to new media’.

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