Our artists are selected for the innovative content of their visual productions, the conceptual rigor that underlies their aesthetic expressions and the market potential represented by the progressive ascendancy of their careers.


The curriculum of our European artists includes BAs and MAs at world-class schools in London and Europe, sought-after art awards, and group and solo exhibitions in European galleries. Similarly, our Latin American artists have attended renowned Latin American schools, exhibited or specialised abroad, been invited to biennials, international art fairs and exhibitions in institutional spaces and important cultural centres.


In general terms, all have had significant recognition of their careers, such as critical texts, scholarships, residencies, awards and publications. 



Arrière-Garde is an art advisory that helps collectors chose from mid-career and emerging artists through research and a growing archive, or by Ad Hoc sourcing new talents around their brief and requirements. 

Our mission to collectors is to offer an art consultancy service based on high-level of connoisseurship, a proven passion for the art world and art history, and an international network fostered by a predilection for foreign cultures, travel and cosmopolitan mindsets.

Our mission to artists is to expand their reach in the contemporary art world, targeting the Latin American scene for Europeans and the British scene for Latin Americans. We wish to establish dialogues and collaborations between artists and other members of the "global contemporary art system", based on the values of cosmopolitanism and cultural hybridism.