Pocket Cinema 2012 is a nationwide competition that seeks the best artwork from Sweden created with a mobile phone. Films can be a maximum of 60 seconds long and must be shot with a mobile camera. The winner is rewarded with SEK 10,000 and the winning work is exhibited, with a final event, at Bonniers Konsthall in Stockholm.

The jury that selected ten finalists consisted of:


Sara Arrhenius: Director - Bonniers Konsthall

Donatella Bernardi: Art Teacher with focus on digital media - Kungliga Högskola  

Jeanette Bonnier: Founder and Chairman of the Board - Academy of the Arts - Bonniers Konsthall

Börje Hansson: Production Manager at Swedish Film Industry (SF)

Björn Norberg: Project Manager - Bonniers Konsthall

Peter Possne: CEO and Producer - Sonet Film


Artists have always been pioneers in experimenting with new techniques. When the first video camera came on the market, it wasn't long before the artist Nam June Paik exhibited his first video artwork. Around the same time, in the mid-1960s, artists in Sweden and abroad explored the commercial medium of television. As a result - while using the 'wrong' medium and challenging the limits of the tools of artistic creation - something completely new was created.


Filmmaking has always been a rather expensive and complicated process. Editing and development were time-consuming tasks. Video technology made the film camera reasonably portable. But it was still light years away from the revolution that the internet and the ever better cameras of mobile phones brought about. Today, film production and distribution are within everyone's reach.

In what ways can art take new and innovative approaches to moving images with the help of the mobile phone? Through Pocket Cinema, we hope to see innovative work from artists, filmmakers or anyone who wants to take up this challenge.


By Bonniers Konstall